Noguchigumi Co., Ltd. was founded in 1970.
To this day, we have endeavored day-in, day-out to always be a company that is trusted by everyone in the community.
Also, in addition to public works projects (civil engineering, construction, et al.) in the past, in recent years we have been proceeding with solar energy-related engineering projects as a new field of business.
Going forward, we will not limit ourselves to the construction business category, but instead will do our utmost to always fix our gaze upon the next generation and continue to be a company that satisfies the demands of the community through flexible ideas and executional capability.


Certify customer satisfaction in the actualization of construction in all relevant processes.


Continuously develop activities that are always able to swiftly incorporate the voices of our customers and competently reflect their "true expectations and needs" in our products.


Conduct quality activities of a higher level by carrying out technical improvement as well as employee talent development (implementation of education and self-development incentives).


*Sakai Construction Works Office
National Emergency Pavement Repair Measures Program Road No. 21-04-749-0-002 road surface improvement work/Nagasu, Bando City
Nationally-subsidized Local Road No. 22-03-399-0-001 road improvement & surface paving work/Yuda, Bando City
Nationally-subsidized Road Maintenance No. 25-08-560-0-001 Special No. 3 consolidated road surface improvement & paving work/Heta, Bando City
Nationally-subsidized Local Road No. 25-03-635-0-002 water channel replacement work/Yagai, Koga City


*Sakai Land Improvement Office
Management Body Development Infrastructure Maintenance Business Nanago-nakagawa Zone 2 pipeline construction work/Mushirouchi, Bando City
Foundation Subsidence Countermeasures Business (Large-scale) Retention pond construction for riverside drainage pump station/Sakasai, Bando City


*Prefectural Development Public Corporation
Koga Nasaki Industrial Park Road construction work/Osaki, Koga City


*Prefectural Waterworks Office West, Prefectural Business Bureau
24 Sekijo Industrial Water Supply No. 1 water pipe installation work/Heta, Bando City


*Bando City
Iwai Welfare Center refurbishment work/Heta, Bando City
Nationally-subsidized Public Wastewater Treatment No. 1-4 Egawa No. 5 Wastewater Div. rainwater runoff ditch construction/Heta, Bando City

*Shimizu Corp. (Subcontractor)
JFE Saitou Trunk Line North construction site excavation work/Sugaya, Bando City


*Yamato Inc. (Subcontractor)
Sarushima Water Purification Plant wastewater treatment facility civil engineering work/Yama, Bando City


*Prefectural Western Basin Sewage Office, Prefectural Civil Works Division
Riza Culvert ditch renewal construction/Sugaya, Bando City


*JFE Engineering Corp. (Subcontractor)
Otone Line temporary pipe-laying work/Gokamachi-Sarushima


*Advance Corp.
Ground paving work accompanying solar panel installation/Hirono-machi, Soma District, Fukushima Prefecture
Boundary road equipment construction work/Hirono-machi, Soma District, Fukushima Prefecture
Land clearing work accompanying PV solar power generation system/Kazama City and Naka City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Inquiries by phone
Reception hours: 9am – 5pm (excluding Sat./Sun./public holidays/year-end & New Year's holidays)

+Company Overview
Company name: Noguchigumi Co., Ltd.
President: Shigeo Noguchi
Date founded: April 1st, 1970
Capital: 20 million yen
No. of employees: 20
Main banks:
Tsukuba Bank, Ltd. Sarushima Branch

The Joyo Bank, Ltd. Sarushima Branch


April 1st, 1970 Founded
July 12th, 1976 Ibaraki Prefectural Governor Permit (General-51) No. 10146 granted
July 30th, 1983 Noguchigumi Co., Ltd. established with 10 million yen in capital
June 10th, 1994 Capital increased by 10 million yen
October 9th, 2003 ISO9001:2000 obtained


Permission date: December 8th, 2010 Ibaraki Prefectural Governor (Special-22) No. 10146
Name of authorized business types:
Civil engineering construction/scaffolding & earthwork construction/road surface construction/waterworks construction/building construction/carpentry construction/roofing construction/tile & brick construction/steel frame-reinforced building construction/interior decoration construction


+Member Organizations
Ibaraki Association of the Construction Industry/Organization for Workers' Retirement Allowance Mutual Aid Ibaraki Prefecture Branch/Japan Construction Occupational Safety and Health Association Ibaraki Prefecture Branch

1820-60 Sakai, Bando City, Ibaraki Prefecture. 〒306-0501 tel.+81-280-88-0437 fax.+81-280-88-7016


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Tonle Bassac. Chamkarmorn. Phnom Penh. Cambodia.
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